How to Get Slim Legs

If you want to know How to Get Slim Legs read below:

Ladies have your legs become heavy and pudgy?  Thick legs will cause your legs to appear short leading you to avoid wearing many clothes you love.  The good news is there is a remedy for this ailment.  You can get slim legs in in a few short months with the tips we will give you here.

Men can also get value from these routines, but unfortunately women are more likely to store fat on the legs.  Women often get “cankles” – fat that continues from the calf onto the ankle.  This phenomenon does not happen with men but will occur with ladies who are just over their healthy weight.

For those who would like to get slim legs here are some tips below:

Exercises for skinny legs

This is a 2 step process, to begin with we need to work on decreasing body fat and in addition work on building up muscle that will aid in removing the body fat.

We have a tried and true method for trimming the extra fat.  Workout enough to increase your metabolic rate so that you consume more calories than you take in, and use target

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exercises on the thighs and lower legs.  This will help you get slim legs.

Combining cardiovascular exercises with strength exercises is the best route to take.  It does not matter what type of cardiovascular exercise you choose just go with something you enjoy.  If the goal is to get slim legs quickly then focus on routines that pinpoint the legs.  These types of exercises can include bicycle riding, jogging in sand, treadmill, cross training, running up stairs or swimming by treading water.

Focus on accomplishing around a half hour of the exercise you enjoy on a daily basis.  It is a good idea to give yourself a few days in the week to rest so that the muscles can rebuild and grow.

If you want to focus on how to get slim legs at your local gym then use leg machines that will exercise the outer and inner thighs.  You will also want to work the calves, and use hip flexing exercises.  For home exercising I recommend the old standby leg exercises such as wall sits, leg lifts and lunges.  Begin with around three groups of thirty leg lifts for each leg.  Try front or side leg lifts these will focus on different parts of the leg and tummy and can be very effective.  With the wall sitting exercises begin in a seated position and hold this for fifteen seconds then increase the time intervals as you get more fit.  It is time to end the exercise when the thighs are shaky and weak.  Following these steps will help get slim legs in no time.

What to eat for Slim Legs

When it comes to trimming the fat what you eat is a very important part of the equation.  Food items like sugars and artificial sweeteners will make your body make excess insulin.  Excess insulin causes the body to feel very hungry and thus you will overeat.  This in turn will make you gain weight.

Improve your diet by eating good carbohydrates like whole grain breads and pastas, green vegies and healthy fruits full of fiber.  Cut out the heavy saturated fats and replace them with unsaturated fats that are good for the cardiovascular system.

Exchange your coffee for healthy green tea which research has shown helps eliminate fat.  Focus on getting 3 good serving of dairy each day and eat whole eggs, eggs have been shown in recent research to actually help you lose weight and get slim legs.

If you follow these exercise and diet tips you will get slim legs in no time!